Knuckles had a record-breaking opening for Paramount+

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Knuckles had a record-breaking opening for Paramount+

Paramount+'s new series, 'Knuckles,' has set a new record on the streaming platform, emerging as the most-viewed program in its kids and family segment and achieving the highest watch hours ever recorded for an original series premiere. Over its first weekend, the six-episode series notched up 4 million watch hours, signaling a resounding success.

'Knuckles,' featuring Idris Elba as the voice of the main character, delves into Knuckles' journey as he mentors his apprentice, Wade, in the tradition of the Echidna warrior. This miniseries not only captivated audiences but also significantly increased interest in existing Sonic franchise films. Viewership for the original 'Sonic The Hedgehog movie and its sequel surged by 278% following the debut of 'Knuckles.'

This remarkable response underscores the series' broad appeal and the enduring popularity of the Sonic universe among viewers on Paramount+.

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