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Our Team Members 

We are a team of three people who love using apps and playing games. Our names are Oksana Sagan, Uliana, and Andrey Lee. One day, we decided to create a website dedicated to apps and games. We wanted to share our experiences, reviews, and recommendations with others who share our passion. Oksana took on the role of project manager, Uliana designed the website, and Andrey wrote the content.

We spent countless hours researching and testing different apps and games to ensure that our website provided valuable information to our readers. We also made sure that our website was user-friendly and easy to navigate. We launched the website and were thrilled to see that it gained a following.

Creating this website was an incredible experience for all of us. We learned a lot about website design, content creation, and project management. Our passion for apps and games drove us to create a website that we are proud of.

On our website, we have experts from different fields, including game designing & development, app engineering & development, digital marketing as well as journalism. Together we strive to provide quality content with honest opinions on everything related to video games and apps so that users can make informed decisions when choosing their next gaming experience or app purchase.  

Benefits of Visiting Our Site 

Here at Video Games and Apps website, there are three main advantages for why a user should choose us: 
1) Honest Reviews – We provide unbiased reviews based on extensive research giving readers all the facts they need before making any purchase; 
2) Tips & Tricks – We offer unique tips on how to get more out of your gaming experiences; 
3) Editor's Picks – Our editors curate special lists with their top recommendations for both games and apps so you don't miss out on anything great.  

History of Creation 

We first came up with this idea back in 2019 when we noticed there was a lack of reliable sources in the video game industry regarding honest reviews or new applications coming out every day. That’s why we created this platform where users could find detailed information about everything related to video games & apps without having to search through hundreds of websites online. As time went by, more people joined our team, allowing us today to be one of the most reliable sources when looking up information about any type of game or application available online!  


At Video Games And Apps Website, it is our mission not only to provide informative content but also to help improve everyone’s experience while playing video games or using apps by offering valuable advice along with honest opinions backed by extensive research done by our experts here at the site! So if you're looking for a reliable source, check us out today!