Destiny 2 – Three New Crucible Maps Revealed, Launching May 7th

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Destiny 2 – Three New Crucible Maps Revealed, Launching May 7th

Destiny 2: Into the Light, set to release on April 9th, is primarily focused on enhancing the player versus environment (PvE) experience. However, players who enjoy player versus player (PvP) combat have reasons to be excited in the coming month. A complimentary map pack is on the horizon, introducing three fresh locations to the Crucible - Eventide Labs, Cirrus Plaza, and Dissonance.
During a recent developer livestream, Bungie provided a sneak peek of each new addition, starting with Eventide Labs. This map transforms the Gale's Watch area on Europa into a Crucible battleground. Players who ventured here in Beyond Light to face Eramis will find her ship a prominent feature in the skybox, bringing a sense of continuity and lore. 
Cirrus Plaza, situated on Neomuna, promises a different combat atmosphere with its interior-centric design. The map boasts various walkways and levels, ensuring strategic depth and opportunities for engaging encounters.
Dissonance takes players to a familiar yet ominous setting aboard the same Pyramid ship where the battle against Nezarec unfolded in the Root of Nightmares raid. The sight of the Traveler and the portal created by The Witness at the climax of Lightfall adds a dramatic backdrop to the PvP action.
These maps are scheduled for release on May 7th and will be complemented by a dedicated 3v3 playlist, allowing players to immerse themselves in the new environments immediately. This update signals Bungie's ongoing commitment to both the PvE and PvP sectors of Destiny 2, ensuring that all types of players find fresh content and challenges to enjoy.

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