Google Releases Updates to the Maps and Search

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Google Releases Updates to the Maps and Search

Google revealed the much-awaited update for Maps and Search features. Now they both have detailed abortion provider names. These changes came out right after the Roe v. Wade public hearing. Yet, Google claims they had it in plan way before the overturning that took place in Supreme Court on June 24.

The iconic decision in Roe v. Wade case was originally made in 1973. Since that time the court and numerous legislative organizations continue to use it in abortion cases. On June 24 the case was reconsidered again. Around this time lawmakers offered numerous tech giants to reveal access to the information on abortion for their users. Google was accused several times of leading women to the websites of anti-abortion groups when they were specifically searching for clinics that provide abortions. This time, the company decided to take it seriously and put labels on all abortion clinics that users search via Google Maps and Google Search.

Google has sent an open letter to US Senator Mark Warner saying that the company started marking hospitals and clinics, telling whether they provide or do not provide abortions. Users can see the information in the ads while using Search. When users search for abortion clinics on the Maps or abortion near me, Google reveals only abortion clinics. Before it, the company suggested all types of clinics to the users. Moreover, now users can choose whether they want to see clinics within the broader area. Apart from that, Google will show other clinics that don’t offer abortion procedures on the map, without any labels there. Warner has welcomed the new changes in Google positively.

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