A Huge Broken Moon Graced the Entourage of Apex Legends

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A Huge Broken Moon Graced the Entourage of Apex Legends

The new Apex Season 15, called Eclipse, will introduce players to the lore of one of the most popular legends in the game. The action will take place in the Boreas system, this is the new fifth map of the game, Broken Moon. The entourage of the battle itself impresses with its beauty and atmosphere. The battle itself takes place on the moon, where there are constant meteor showers due to the previous split of the satellite.

Jeff Shaw, the lead game designer, said that the new map has a story, it's not just a desert planet with asteroids, but a location with more than 14 points of interest that create exciting and varied conditions for combat and skirmishes. Also, Zip Rails will be available as part of the Broken Moon's POIs to add even more excitement to the game.

A larger Zip Rail system will allow you to move across the map, covering long distances in a short amount of time. Also, with its help, you can move better when the shrinking ring is almost upon you. New locations deserve a separate description, but in short, you won't be bored. There will be both power plants with turbines located on it, from where a powerful air flow can speed up the legend, and giant Terraformers.

Apex Legends: Eclipse will please fans with two very nice updates that include stickers and gifts. Now, having purchased cosmetic equipment for Apex coins, the players will be able to delight their friends by sending gifts to them. This is a very nice mechanic that will attract even more audience to the game. Stickers, on the other hand, are a great way to personalize the design of the game and express yourself, which will definitely be further developed in the future.

Did you like the new map in Apex Season 15? Which of the new locations in it do you find the most difficult to fight in? Please share your opinion below.


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