Top Tips on Editing Google Photos

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Top Tips on Editing Google Photos

If you are still new to the Google Photos service or just recently decided to try your editing skills, read the article with helpful tips. Many users still don’t know even the half of beneficial features Google Photo has. It is not a typical boring service that comes preinstalled into your Android phone.
Google Photos is a standard gallery app for any Android version. With the rise of new social networks, this app became the most popular place to keep media files, edit them, and post them online afterward. Its editing features increased with time. Nowadays, many users prefer not to install third-party editors and use Google Photos instead.

Yet, you have to keep in mind that not every feature of the editor is available free of charge. Some features need a subscription to Google One. You will see the circular colorful icon on them. If you want to receive more tools to edit photos, you have to pay for a subscription.

Editing Recommendations for Newbies

Once you made a picture, it will automatically appear in your Google Photos gallery. There you can start by choosing it and editing it. While there are numerous options for editors, let’s start with the basics:

  • Go with suggestions. You can use the Suggestions tab that will check the photo and offer possible editing tools for it. You may receive suggestions to make the photo more radiant, luminous, colorful, portrait-like, or stormy. To do this you need to press the Edit tool at the bottom of the Google Photos screen, under the photo. Read the suggestions and decide which one you want. If you don’t know which one to pick, just press Enhance, and smart AI will do everything for you;
  • Filters from the app. Filters are always a good idea no matter where you want to send your photos next. Their number significantly increased with time, and now you can experiment with numerous tools. To be able to use them, you have to just open the editing menu on Google Photos, and in the menu, scroll left to the Filters. There will be all the available options for you. If you did not like anything, don’t worry, you don’t have to save the changes;
  • Rotate or crop your photo. If you want to cut the person or the object out of your photo, you don’t have to print it and use scissors. Now you can rotate or crop it using Google Photos. All you need is to press the Edit icon and pick Crop. You will be recommended the ratios so you can pick the one you need. You may crop it manually if you pick the third icon. Keep in mind that you can’t change the image’s size inside the app. Let’s hope Google will fix this problem in the future;
  • Useful features you keep forgetting about. There are lots of tools you may not even suspect about. For example, you can use the blur effect, change the color of the sky, get rid of the objects you don’t need in the photo, and even make sure your portrait looks outstanding. To do this, you have to go to the Tools menu. There are tools like blur, portrait light, sky, color focus, and a magic eraser. Don’t forget to save the effect you like or it will be gone;
  • Adjust the photo you picked. You can improve the skin tone, HDR, saturation, contrast, shadows, and white point, among other options. Go to the Edit menu and pick adjust. It will reveal the possibilities you have.

Edit Photos Like a Pro

While the Google Photos app is not the only editing service, you may use it at the beginning. Start with basics and learn a few tricks until you will be able to edit anything. You will soon realize all your possibilities and how you can use your skills.
Have you ever tried editing tools in the app? Which one is your favorite? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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